Essential tips to be a successful Top Trader

Becoming a Top Trader is currently within the reach of anyone with an Internet connection, a trading platform, and good trading-specific training; however, very few achieve success.

A Top Trader is one who is capable of generating long-term profits in a sustained manner

. Do you want to be one of them? In this post we will tell you some tips from the best Top Traders so you can take note.

1. Follow a plan: Strategy is the key to success.

2. Build your own brand: Define your profile in the markets.

3. Control the risks: keep a close eye on your trades.

4. Be consistent: success is in sustained profitability.

5. Offer all your information: creates a bond of trust.

1. Follow a plan

Define your strategy and follow it to the letter . Define in which markets you want to work, what you are looking for in each operation, how much money you are willing to lose (STOP LOSS) and how much money you want to earn with each investment. All your decisions must be the consequence of a reflection process, based on study and experience.

2. Build your own brand

Traders with a defined profile In terms of markets, products, etc., they are much more useful than those that try a little of everything.

3. Control the risks

Avoid high drawdowns . The temptation to abuse the tools offered by platforms is always there. In Social Trading it is better to err on the side of modesty and go little by little. If you do good risk management, you will be more attractive to copiers.

4. Be consistent

It is preferable to move few lots, but work every day, to find the ball in a single operation. Copiers love to log into their account and see their balance slowly grow.

5. Offer all your information

It may seem superficial, but In social networks, appearance is very important. The copier must identify himself with the trader to whom he entrusts his savings, not with an anonymous avatar. Be honest and transparent.

Trading is not for everyone. It’s a risk. It is a reward. You must be prepared for the unpredictable, and for that it is best to study with the best trading teachers.

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