The market is constantly moving and constantly changing. Each new day is different from the previous one. At some point, the market movement stops, the sideways movement begins, and people start losing money because they don’t know how to switch from one market structure to another. At such moments, the newcomers begin to doubt her … Read more

Fundamental forex analysis

Hello! Today I want to talk about a theme Seldom discussed, but important at the same time: the fundamental analysis of the foreign exchange market. News, GDP, interest rates – all this affects the market and everyone should be able to understand it. What is fundamental analysis Forex fundamental analysis is a way of analyzing … Read more

Fear in Trade

The trading profession can add a lot of additional emotions and experiences to your life . Fear, along with other major emotions, hope and greed, drive the forex market. Due to the fear of losing money that affects everyone involved in forex trading, fear can be called the number one emotion in trading. Generally speaking, … Read more

margin call

When there are not enough funds available in your account to meet the margin requirements, the broker issues you a warning, which is called a Margin Call. Your broker automatically sends a margin call when your free margin reaches $0 and your margin level reaches 100%. From now on, it will be impossible to open … Read more

3 paradoxes in trading

In the life as in commerce, there are many paradoxes. Some things are obvious, others are not. With experience comes awareness, and we begin to see what we have not seen before. Understanding the fundamental principles will help you move forward correctly. Paradox #1: The more you need money, the more time you won’t have … Read more

Multiframe analysis

Multi-frame analysis is when we analyze the same currency pair or other asset on multiple time frames at once. You know that any price can be seen on a chart: Daily per hour 15 minutes 5 minutes 1 minute We have many opportunities to study the behavior of the same price. And it is the … Read more


With age, mental clarity deteriorates, we get tired faster, and can’t focus on completing tasks for long. At the same time, age is not the only reason for performance decline. the style of life also plays an important role in this. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep and lack of exercise, constant stress, smoking and environmental … Read more