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Ninjatrader 8 course and systems design with Strategy Builder.

Master the handling of a platform
Quality trading is a basic requirement that must have a strategy trader. There is a wide
variety of platforms in the market, although the number is reduced if we limit
The one is based on those focused on systems trading. Of the different
Ninjatrarder options is considered a reference platform
for the design and evaluation of trading strategies.

This new course focuses on the
learning and management of the main functionalities of Ninjatrader 8. Throughout it we will see everything you need
to launch a systems based operation on the platform; since
What are the available connections and brokers, until we do the
implementation of systems, through the detailed study of the
Tools for the design and strategy evaluation.

Specifically, through cases
We will see how different types of strategies will see without the need for
have knowledge of programming, in a worsen, simple and intuitive way,
using the Strategy Builder (SB). And we will address
How to use the Strategy Analyzer (SA) to evaluate the potential of said

How to create your own trading strategy?

Many people believe that markets are random, so they prefer to operate following a heart that depends completely on their instincts. Sometimes it is really possible to obtain great profits in a single operation inspired only by your intuition. However, this type of success is a matter of chance. There are no guarantees that you can repeat it.Experienced trader trust their carefully elaborate trading strategies. They know that although there could be some deviations in change rates, they definitely follow certain patterns. Therefore, it is necessary to have a strategic approach to operate. That is why we invite you to build your own trading strategy.

Steps to build your own trading strategy

  • 1. Ask yourself who you are: a scalper, a daily trader, a medium term or long term trader and choose a schedule m30, per hour, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  • 2. Decide in which market condition you will focus on. As you know, there are three main conditions: trend, rank and rupture. Each of these conditions exhibits its own market tone. As a result, a strategy that is good for trends trading can show a weak result when the market is in a range.
  • 3. Select your tools: Will you use technical indicators? And, if so, which ones? There are two types of strategies: with indicator and without indicator. If you prefer an indicator strategy, several technical indicators available in Metatrader will help you identify the market movement. Strategies without indicators may include the analysis of candle patterns, graphics patterns, trend lines and other elements of price action, as well as news trading.
  • 4. Define the configuration (required conditions) and the input trigger (input rule) of your strategy.The configuration is a favorable, significant but not sufficient market condition to open the operation. It can refer to a particular location of candles or indicators that apply to a technical graph. The configuration shows a favorable moment for trading, but does not point to the exact moment you must enter it.

Best Strategy Builder

One of the best strategy builder is Strategy Generator that build strategies for NinjaTrader 8.

You can check it here.


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