Does everyone make money with cryptocurrencies?

Many people are putting money in their pockets in recent months. Profiles that invest in Actions either crypto.

Because “you have to be a very loser to lose money in a market like this”. Or not.

If this thought is running through your head, keep reading.

1. A little perspective on the Financial situation

We are living through some very crazy years and we have rarely seen the opportunities that are being given now. It’s the 80s of the bag.

So far nothing new:

  • Minimum rates and good liquidity.
  • The stock market at highs over and over again.
  • Unstoppable Bitcoin breaking roof after roof.

But let’s tell everything. Behind these rises have been strong corrections. In Bitcoin up to more than 80%.

Not everyone is able to put up with this. In fact, very few people are able to put up with it.

Let’s scratch some more. Where are all those projects that went “tudemun” and ended up in the depths of people’s minds because it hurts to remember them?

Here I give you an example:


Dealing with the market sucks. The feeling of making money here is hard to beat. But it is also lost. And there’s nothing wrong with showing it. Fuck, but it’s part of this.

Sometimes an uprising doesn’t come out.

You have an accident with the car.

You catch covid just before Christmas.

When you do things, things happen.

It is unavoidable.

In this world it is the same. The important thing is to have habits to:

Try that lift the next day.

Enjoy to the fullest the next time you get together with your loved ones.

Apply knowing what you are doing and seeing it as a natural process.

The problem is that all the information on social networks about how well it is going to get into a memecoin and make 3000% leverage can work against you.

You think that the rest spins fine and that you don’t give one. But, have you ever wondered if everything you see is 100% real?

2. Who wins and who loses their money in the world of cryptocurrencies?

If you have been in this for a few years, you will know that money in the market needs a counterpart. In other words, there are people who have to lose for others to win.

And yes, there are many people who have also lost money with all this rise.

  • People who were or are starting.
  • They invest without a clear objective or strategy.
  • They do not tolerate risk.
  • That they do not do it for them, but for the FOMO.

Many people.

Where are they?

Not on social media. In petit committee yes.

Here is an example of one of the many cryptocurrencies that were going to make a x100:

3. Are the young people losing money?

I recently read a rather sensationalist (surprise) headline that young people were going broke with cryptocurrencies.

This is true?

This is not old. There are young people who have more judgment and do things better than many adults. In addition, young people better understand the economic transition and everything that is coming. Those who are learning clearly lose, also the older ones who bet without knowing.

So no, it’s not just the young. are the people who have little experience and knowledge the worst stops

4. The truth and only the truth

The truth is that in all this there are winners and losers. The responsibility for what you do with your money is yours alone.

For better or worse.

So here are some things that have helped me and can help you find your way too:

√ Define well your strategy: where to buy and sell, how much…

√ Apply with objectivitytry to remove the interpretations.

Measure everything you do. It will give you the answer as to whether or not it has worked in the past. It does not guarantee that it will work in the future, but it increases the chances that it will.

√ If you can, automates: It’s easier than you think and helps you follow everything above to the letter. You can do it without programming.

√ Surround yourself with People who have similar goals to yours. It burns a lot an environment with which you do not feel identified. Check out the community.

√ Finally, clean your feed in social networks of information that separates you from your goals. Try to eliminate distractions and limit consumption.

And the most important, enjoy the road.

Thank you for reading,


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