Do you need to work with multiple screens and Rithmic Trader Pro?

Rhythmic Trader Pro | Work with multiple screens

You already saw in my previous post Trader PRO Free with Rithmic some of the functionalities that this platform has to operate on the stock market.

All the options that I explained to you were adapted for a monitor or screen. Sometimes, some traders use two screens to better read and observe the different data graphs.

Unpin windows

Rithmic gives us the option to unpin windows so you can move them to a second screen or monitor.

How is it done?

  • We go to the gray or shaded area of ​​the graph
  • Right button and click on “release window”

In this way the windows are unpinned. If you don’t unpin the windows, you won’t be able to move them to another monitor, you’ll have to be inside the Rithmic dashboard.

If you have doubts you can watch this video on my Youtube Channel Jhon K. Trader

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