Let’s talk about what are the levels to become a trader.


unconscious incompetence
When a beginner enters the forex market for the first time, he thinks that it will be easy to make money.
He has heard many beautiful stories and now he is ready for you to go into battle.
The price is going up! So it’s time to buy.
These first steps of an incompetent trader lead to disaster: usually a loss of the deposit.
It can only get worse if the trader manages to win something and starts to think that he understands the market.
Over time, these traders lose everything.
After a series of mistakes and losses comes the realization of one’s own incompetence and the desire to improve.


Conscious Incompetence
At this level, the trader realizes that he lacks knowledge and begins to study and search…
A trader searches for the Grail, buys “super profitable” indicators, learns trading methods and changes them every week without understanding.
A trader experiments with indicators, Fibonacci lines, each new technical analysis figure seems to be the one that will lead to success.
The trader is looking for a bottom, an ideal entry point in the market and loses money again.
This level can last for several months or even years.
The trader will study, search, be disappointed every day.
It is at this stage that most players leave, not believing that it is possible to make money on the market.


At the end of the second level, the trader begins to understand that it is not a question of strategy, but of psychology.
The merchant begins to realize their mistakes and realizes that he was succumbing to blinding emotions.
The trader begins to study psychology books and finds their page errors.
At some point comes the realization that the future movement of the market is impossible to predict.
The trader chooses a strategy that suits him and determines the risks himself, trading becomes easier.
Negative transactions do not bother, because the trader understands that the strategy works and sooner or later the trader will take its toll, he just needs to act according to the strategy.
A trader has learned how to manage risk and has learned the discipline to follow a strategy with clarity.


Conscious Competition
A trader opens trades when the system gives a signal.
A trader easily closes out losing positions when he realizes that the market is moving against him.
The trader allows profitable trades to grow and cuts unprofitable trades.
Most likely, at this stage, the trader will trade at zero, learn not to lose money, and understand how the market works.
Losses don’t bother, but the trader allows profits to grow, and this can go on for about a year.


unconscious competition
Trading is easy and unconscious.
The trader, as if on autopilot, opens and closes transactions and does not feel any emotional swings.
the domino merchant their emotions.
100 pips of profit does not turn the trader’s head like before.
Trade becomes work.
The trader does not stop developing and analyzes each operation to improve the system.
And the merchant likes all this, because it is still a very exciting journey, which now gives life to the money


Trading is not easy, but it can be learned.
It should be understood that the main enemy in the market is your emotions.
Do not lose control over yourself, study, analyze, follow the strategy and then you will be successful.

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