Chart Trader, SuperDOM and FX Board: Flexible Order Entry with NinjaTrader

Trade the global markets your way with NinjaTrader’s award-winning order entry options. NinjaTrader provides several unique interfaces for executing your trades, including the popular Chart Trader, SuperDOM, and FX Board.

Find out how in this quick video overview:

Trade from chart

Chart Trader allows users to place and modify trades directly in a chart window. Manage your trades, indicators and drawing tools in one place. You can also execute your trading plan with Advanced Trade Management, which automatically submits profit targets and stop loss orders.

SuperDOM (Depth of Market) – Depth of market

The SuperDOM provides operators with a real-time visual order book. Quickly enter and manage orders while reviewing market depth on both the buy and sell side of the market. Columns can be added to the SuperDOM to provide even more information on rapidly changing markets.

Effects Panel

NinjaTrader’s FX Dashboard provides a quick view of a trader’s favorite currency pairs through actionable instrument thumbnails. Simply flip the tokens to quickly submit buy and sell orders and view all active orders in the order grid below.

Automatic strategies

In addition to tools for discretionary traders, NinjaTrader offers several automated trading solutions. Build, test, and deploy automated strategies using point-and-click building for non-programmers or a modern C#-based development framework.

NinjaTrader is always free to use for advanced charting, backtesting, and trading simulation. Download NinjaTrader for FREE and start trading the way you want.

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