Trading Backtesting Online

Online habits acquired during the pandemic are not consolidated, and large multinationals such as Amazon reduce their growth plans It seemed that electronic commerce was going to destroy the traditional trade due to the boom that lived during the pandemic, but after the end of the restrictions the first indicators begin to show the opposite, … Read more

TradingView Opinion

My opinion about TrainingView: Final Analysis TrainingView is one of the best graphics platforms that currently exist and its use is worth it. It is very complete and its large number of profits makes it not have competition at the free level or if we compare its rates with those of other platforms. However, its … Read more

TradingView Downloading

What is TrainingView? It is a network with 30 million traders and investors and have the most powerful market analysis tools in the world. TrainingView is a platform to visualize graphics of any market and in which you can find many other functionalities such as a programming language to develop indicators, a community to share … Read more