If I think that bitcoin It will go up to at least 7700 dollars, why not enter now? It is the logic that characterizes a trader who is starting, at first glance it seems logical but details like these in the medium term can be the difference between being a winning trader or breaking your account.

I say the opposite. Why enter now and take risks when you can enter a low risk zone?
It is assumed that at least daily or interspersed you will find more entries if are good at analyzing Patience is the key, do not think that you are going to miss a trade, think that you will constantly find entries and enter safe zones, the risk / profit margin is in your favor (use the odds in your favor, not against you). Don’t sabotage yourself!

For example, my entries average risk/reward 1/3, that means I can fail 7 times out of 10 and still win, use math in your favor not against you (mathematical hope)

I’m coming off a winning streak, does that mean I’ll hit it? That’s what most would think but it’s not the other way around, how come you don’t use the odds in your favor?

Probabilistically the more I win my % to lose increases (interesting) What can you do about it?
If you have advanced systems they will tell you, if not use simple logic, tell us that in your record your maximum is 6 consecutive winning operations
And now you are in that situation.

Shouldn’t you decrease the capital in operation 7?
Do you understand where I’m going? That also applies the other way around.

Trading is mathematics and statistics, if you apply the numbers well, mathematically you will win!

successes in their trade!

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