Understanding Micro Cash Yield Futures

Micro-Treasury Yield Futures CME Group provide market participants with an efficient and cost-effective method of trading benchmark U.S. Treasury rates. These innovative contracts are based directly on the yields of the most recently auctioned Treasury securities, including the 2 5 Note, the 10 year order and the 30 bonus Watch these 3 minutes to learn … Read more

Multiframe analysis

Multi-frame analysis is when we analyze the same currency pair or other asset on multiple time frames at once. You know that any price can be seen on a chart: Daily per hour 15 minutes 5 minutes 1 minute We have many opportunities to study the behavior of the same price. And it is the … Read more

The best simulators for trading cryptocurrencies

ContentsCryptocurrencies are digital currencies that could become the future payment method.Why trade cryptocurrenciesThe best simulators for trading cryptocurrenciesAndroid, iOS and WindowsCopy Trading and Social TradingMay the market be with you! Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that could become the future payment method. These digital currencies use cryptography to secure their transactions within a decentralized system, of … Read more

7 tips to keep your trading operations solvent

7 tips to keep your operations solvent | Trading Tips Trading and the stock market are 90% head and 10% technique, you cannot allow yourself to know the rules and skip them, you must have a method and follow it to the letter. Contents1. Be Patient2. Create your charts3. Don’t let your losses run4. Trade … Read more

FOMC Meeting Day – Rate Hike Possibilities and How Markets Might React

It’s time for traders to take notice, again. Will the FOMC actions and the upcoming press conference meet positive or negative expectations? Last month’s 75 basis point rate hike, the most aggressive move since 1994, has led to high market volatility and price action across all asset classes. Equity, Treasury and currency futures markets are … Read more

Bitcoin Futures Trading

There are several ways for traders to participate in the Bitcoin market, as an example, let’s explore two distinct but very different methods: Trade real Bitcoin Futures trading of Nano Bitcoin, a financial derivative of the coin that is 1/100 the size of a Bitcoin What should traders consider when comparing financial products? Ask this … Read more

How to Make Money with Trading

Most of us do not have the money to invest in the financial markets, and this is a very difficult thing to change. However, if you are a smart person and want to learn how to make money trading online, then the perfect time has come. Here we are going to answer the most common … Read more


With age, mental clarity deteriorates, we get tired faster, and can’t focus on completing tasks for long. At the same time, age is not the only reason for performance decline. the style of life also plays an important role in this. Poor nutrition, lack of sleep and lack of exercise, constant stress, smoking and environmental … Read more