Which website should I use for trading?

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What is the easiest forex trading strategy to learn?

What is Forex and what are the best investment strategies to make profitable? One of the most used markets in recent times within the world of online commerce is, without a doubt, that of Forex. This colossal market, with an average daily investment volume of more than 5 billion dollars in 2020, stands out as … Read more

Trading Backtesting Online

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Easy Strategy Builder

Ninjatrader 8 course and systems design with Strategy Builder. Master the handling of a platform Quality trading is a basic requirement that must have a strategy trader. There is a wide variety of platforms in the market, although the number is reduced if we limit The one is based on those focused on systems trading. … Read more

Opinion Trading Strategies Automatic

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Automatic Trading

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First steps in trading

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TradingView Opinion

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Multichart Analysis

Multicharts. What is and how to use it? Multicharts is my favorite trading platform. I use it with Interactive Brokers as an alternative to Tradestation. Multicharts has other competitors too, but it seems that it compares more often with Ninjatrader. Ninjatrader use for my discretionary trading with Orderflow thanks to the end packages alg. Although … Read more

Ideal Trading App

What would be an ideal trading app? The main thing should always be security. You have to have a broker app that is regulated and make sure you have identity verification steps or passwords to access it. There are many applications that will ask you for a 4 -digit code, many others a pattern and … Read more