The pleasure and pain in trading

As always, I address those people who begin to walk with humility seeking to earn consistently in the financial markets, in the Stock Market. There is a period where one begins to know the theory: How should I read a graph? What kind of markets do I need to know to trade? What trading system … Read more

How to secure the prize

When we participate in financial markets, we do so at times when the odds of winning they are in our favor. But since it is a probability, we assume a certain degree of uncertainty. What we do is determine if the price is more likely to increase or is more likely to decrease. How do … Read more

screen hours

When it comes to developing a skill, time is an important variable: training time, reflection time, practice time. If the skill in question has to do with trade in financial marketswe will need time to analyze the development of the price, to record our operations, to take notes, to statistically control the results, to reflect … Read more

How to make your unconscious work for you in trading

People who are in the process of becoming professional tradersThey often go through a phase where they win one day, win another day, another day, and then suddenly lose everything they had accumulated. Something like starting Monday gaining four points, continuing on Tuesday winning another two, on Wednesday another four, and then on Thursday losing … Read more

Do I have to use the simulator?

A trader in the process of training can use many tools to achieve his goal of being consistent in the markets sooner. One of these tools is the simulator, which allows you to operate with a fictitious account, that is, without the operations being taken with real money. Something like the paper trading that was … Read more

Knowledge vs. stock market sensation

I have talked many times with people who are interested in be consistent in the stock marketwhich fails because instead of using verified information, it uses bad information. It is essential that a trading system offer the participant a statistical advantage about the market. This allows your user to have the odds in their favor. … Read more

12 Errors when trading on the Stock Market

Many times the mere fact of knowing something that we should not do is of little use. The human being needs to previously experience the error to assimilate it. Since childhood they tell us: “don’t do this” and we quickly do it to realize that our parents were right. However, it never hurts to remember … Read more

Why know the Financial Calendar

Let’s go with an entry about a tool that interests you a lot, the economic calendar to trade in Forex. As you are seeing above, on this same page you will have access to it before, during and after the publication of macroeconomic data. It is constantly updated so that you have access depending on … Read more