Does everyone make money with cryptocurrencies?

Many people are putting money in their pockets in recent months. Profiles that invest in Actions either crypto. Because “you have to be a very loser to lose money in a market like this”. Or not. If this thought is running through your head, keep reading. Contents1. A little perspective on the Financial situation2. Who … Read more

How to Live from Trading | 10 Useful Tips

After seeing zillions of ads about “how to live from trading with a thousand euros”I have decided to write this article. “Do you want to be free? Earn money from the armchair of your house. Calm. Here we are going to talk about reality. No cheap marketing. Living from trading is screwed. What if, you … Read more

The 11 Best Investors and Traders in History?

When you dedicate yourself to something it is inevitable to see the benchmarks of the sector. The good thing is that nowadays without knowing them directly and without them knowing it, they can become our teachers or mentors. Here is a list of the 11 best investors or traders in the world (and in history). … Read more

Inside and outside bar. Trading strategies.

Although this may seem technical, it is much easier than it sounds. Both Inside Bar and Outside Bar are two fairly well-known patterns in trading. I explain them to you. Contents1. Inside Bar. What is it? How is it operated?2. Types of Inside Bar2.1. Inside Bar below2.2. Inside Turn Bar3. When to enter the trade … Read more

The Tobin Tax: How it affects trading

The economic crises that have shaken the world economy in recent years have originated from the bursting of the famous financial bubbles. The consequences of these economic crises have had a negative impact on the lives of millions of people. This negative impact has served as an argument for defenders of regulation and interventionism to … Read more

▷What is Trading and How Does It Work?

Hello again! Today I come to tell you what trading is. I don’t want to go on too long, but the goal is to talk about trading in the most realistic and concise way possible (I don’t promise too much about the latter). Contents1. What’s all this business about?2. Why start trading4. What are the … Read more

What is a Trader? Definition and Skills

Being a trader is like being an investor, but in the short term. Yes, it is a very simplistic definition, but it is worth to start with. It requires work and patience. So you may have noticed: “Not all that glitters is gold.” This could be almost the main sentence for which I am writing … Read more

High Frequency Trading – How does it work?

To understand what the HTF (High Trading Frequency) is, you must first understand what the algorithmic trading. Well, in short, this type of trading consists of applying strategies through algorithms, that is, automating the operation. It is true that the word algorithm gives a bit of respect, but everything is simpler than it seems. I … Read more