During the existence of the market, a large number of technical analysis figures have been found. They all work with varying degrees of accuracy.
Such a large number of patterns can confuse anyone, especially a beginner.
Today we will look at just two models that are quite common and, with proper trading, can bring you huge profits.

Both models are united by an idea:




First, the price goes down, creating new lows below the previous ones and new highs below the previous ones.
At some point, the strength of the sellers ends and the market turns around almost immediately, or stops before accelerating upwards.
For profitable trading, a trader must learn to catch this moment when the strength of the trend dies down and the price is preparing for a reversal.


Stopping the previous trend is not a reason to enter a trade, you have to wait for confirmation.
The confirmation will be a new high, higher than the previous one, after which the price will try to start going down again, pulling back down, but there will not be enough forces for a further drop and the price goes up.
The entry point will be the moment when the price goes back to the breakout line, bounces back and goes up.

stop loss of.

Very often such formations will give you a lot of movement and big profits.
But don’t forget about the stop loss, which can be set below the breakout line (risky as there may be an earlier close) or below the previous low.

You can find many trading opportunities in the market every day, but beginners are advised to study a couple of patterns and learn how to trade properly.

Take your time and luck will definitely find you!

Traders, if you liked this idea or if you have your own opinion about it, write in the comments. I’ll be glad 👩

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