Automate stops and targets with advanced business management

Advanced Trade Management (ATM) is a key part of NinjaTrader’s powerful order entry features, providing semi-automated trading functionality to help traders stay focused on their trading goals.

ATM strategies automatically manage positions to reduce the impact of emotions on trading decisions. Within milliseconds of entering a position, whether long or short, stop-loss and take-profit orders are submitted based on predefined parameters.

Learn how to create and apply an ATM policy in this short video:

Preset stops and targets for support positions

Advanced Trade Management allows traders to quickly and easily set profit targets and stop-loss orders at predefined distances from the entry price. As soon as a position is taken, these exit orders are placed and effectively “adapt” to the trade. This automation of protection orders improves the speed of execution compared to manual order entry, allowing traders to focus on the markets rather than the mechanics of order execution.

Use multiple targets and parries to evolve out of position

Users can set multiple profit targets and stop loss orders to handle trades of any amount to scale positions. These can also be manually adjusted on the fly, allowing traders to easily adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

ATM Shutdown Strategies

Another key feature of NinjaTrader’s advanced trade management is the ability to create custom stop strategies that provide additional functionality for stop-loss orders. Whether triggering an automated breakeven strategy or triggering a multi-step trailing stop, users benefit from state-of-the-art trade management capabilities.

Custom ATM Policy Templates

Custom policy templates can be configured and saved for easy access and repeated use. For example, once the price moves 6 ticks in your favor, you can have your stop automatically move from 4 ticks behind the entry price to one tick above. Easily save an unlimited number of ATM strategies based on instrument type, trading approach, time frame, market conditions, and more.

Featured on both Chart Trader and SuperDOM, a natural gas futures position is bounded by an ATM strategy.

Interactive training resources

NinjaTrader is designed to be used by all levels of traders, from beginners to experts. Workspaces, charts, templates, watchlists and more can be customized to suit your business style and approach. Our video guides for new users offer tutorials and quick tips to help you get started.

For more training and videos, the NinjaTrader 8 Help Guide can be found here. The help guide can also be accessed through the NinjaTrader platform by pressing F 1 on your keyboard. This action will activate the help guide section corresponding to the last window used in NinjaTrader.

The NinjaTrader User Forum is also a great resource for collaborating with a community of NinjaTrader enthusiasts, programmers, and our support team.

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