Are reading about swimming and swimming the same thing?

Of course not. Reading maybe you can acquire a certain type of knowledge, but it is when you enter the water that you discover the truth.

Something very similar happens in the stock market: It is one thing to read about the Stock Market and another thing to operate on it.. For this reason it is not enough to attend a seminar, take a weekend course or read a couple of books. If you want to be consistent, you have to understand that knowledge is only part of the equation. The other part is skill development to operate.

This skill is not learned in books, it is learned in the practice and it is very important that, in your training process, you dedicate a prudent time to training.

Training you is the controlled process through which we develop skills. As a trader these skills are many and varied but can be summed up in one: apply a trading system properly with discipline.

You can read about trading systems, you can build your own, or you can attend a weekend course where one is discussed… but in the end It is one thing to know, and another to know how to do.. One thing is that you are clear about the components of a certain system, and another that you know how to identify them in real time, and that you know how to apply the system when your money is at stake.

To develop the ability to operate with discipline we need… But just any type of training is not worth it. You could spend your whole life in the pool and make the same mistake over and over again. To progress easily it is essential that this training be supervised.

At Traders International our members learn the system TIMESand then we train them so that they can develop the necessary discipline to apply said system in real time.

Training takes many different forms but the two I want to point out are:

      1. The Individualized Feedback, which consists of supervising the work of each one of the members in private sessions, and which allows them to go into detail about what they are doing well, what potential mistakes they are making, and what areas of improvement they can introduce. Individualized feedback greatly accelerates the learning curve of our students.
      2. The Market Analysis Room, which allows members to see how a professional trader acts live, how he operates, how he analyzes the windows of opportunity, what emotional state he uses to enter and exit the market. This type of training allows students to internalize an emotional framework appropriate to their objectives, in an environment in which they can compare their learning, resolve their doubts, and progress at a good pace towards consistency.

If what you are looking for is to be able to operate professionally, it is essential that you enter a supervised training program, so that you correct all errors and consolidate all learning.

Trading is an activity that requires very thorough and professional preparation, and is reserved for those who are willing to do things right from the beginning.

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