All about UPROFIT – Advantages – Conditions

Uprofit Trader all about the funding company

Hello trader’s! Today I want to talk to you about funding companies that are dedicated to finance tradersthis time, I will tell you everything about Uprofit Trader

All about Uprofit Trader

What are financing companies?

If you are new to my channel, you may be wondering what are financing companies? It is very simple, they are companies that, after passing an evaluation, finance you directly, you do not have to risk your own capital. If you show that you are good, you have money for yourself.

Actually, these companies have come to replace many brokers, they are not here to eliminate them, brokers are still very important and are a very interesting option.

Profit Advantages

  • You can pass the evaluation in just 10 days. Most companies tell you that it has to be in a minimum of 15 days of operations, however, Uprofit can overcome it in 10 days.
  • It allows you to trade with Ninja Trader in its free version both in the evaluation and once financed up to 2,5000 dollars of profit.
  • The easiest account to beat is $50,000 because you only have to hit a profit target of $2,500.
  • This financing company does not penalize if we operate when there is news during the evaluation, once financed, they do penalize.
  • The page is in Spanish
  • They allow the withdrawal of capital during the buffer

Uprofit evaluation conditions

The advantage of this company is that it has very simple and clear rules.

You only have 3 account types

You also have an account to make operations that last several days

Each account has an official price but you can get a 25% discount through this link

$25,000 Uprofit account

  • To pass it you must have operated a minimum of 10 days
  • Having reached a target profit and a profit of $1,500 without exceeding the maximum daily loss of $500 and without reaching the maximum drawdown of $1,200
  • You can use up to 3 contracts

$50,000 Uprofit account

  • This is the most advantageous and the one I recommend
  • Reach a profit of $2,500
  • 10 day trading
  • Use up to 6 contracts
  • We must not exceed 1,100 dollars of daily loss and neither reach 2,000 dollars of drawdown

$100,000 Uprofit account

  • Reach a profit of $6,000
  • 10 day trading
  • Use up to 12 contracts
  • Without reaching a maximum daily loss of $2,200

Another thing that must be respected is the hours, it is true that they do not penalize for operating during economic events of great volatility in the market but all our operations have to be closed at 8:10 p.m. in the Spanish time and you can open it again at 00:00 the next day. You have almost 2h where you cannot operate.

For me, Uprofit is the second financing company with the easiest evaluation on the market

How is the financing of Uprofit Trader?

What account will they give us once we pass the evaluations? This is a question that we have to take into account when choosing a funded account or another

Once we pass the evaluation, what we have to do is get in touch with them through an email, communicating that we have already achieved all the objectives.

What the funding companies do is assess whether we are meeting the objectives or not through the Ritmith platform, when they have verified it, they will send you an email with a certificate of achievement.

Subsequently You will receive another email where they inform you that your subscription is canceled and in approximately 24 or 48 hours you will receive 2 emails:

  • An invoice for you to pay for market data. You pay once and you have data forever.
  • An email with the contract

Financing with Uprofit Trader

The $8,000 you withdraw is entirely yours to yourself. Subsequently, they work with 80% – 20%, that is, 80% of the money is yours and they keep a 20% commission.

Before you can start withdrawing capital you have to make a cushion of money the same size as the drawndow. During the cushion 50% until day 40, 80% from day 41, 100% until $8,000, 80% for higher profit.

Once you are funded:

  • If there is a news rule (they communicate it on their website) there are some news that affect some financial instruments and at that time you cannot be in the market otherwise they will penalize you.
  • There are contract number stairs that you can use. You can check it in the FAQ on their website
  • It also requires a minimum of operations (1 a week)
  • Subject to their audit, if you go bankrupt you can do a reset of the financed account and they reactivate it without having to carry out the evaluation again

Focus on operating well, on emotional control, on not reaching the maximum daily loss, on risk control and if you show that you are a good trader you will have many facilities with Uprofit Trader and with other funding companies. If this is not the case and you still lack knowledge to acquire in order to have a funded account start by doing the free trading course Settle the basic concepts and start being profitable from scratch. It will help you throughout the process so that you begin to have financial freedom


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