A year of record highs

We are closing the year and starting a new adventure.

This year we launched the MasterClasses of Download Trading Platforms, which was a great challenge after the broadcasting of La Factoría. We still can’t believe how crazy it was, but we made it happen.

In this blog we want to share with you the 3 most outstanding events we have experienced this 2022, because it has been a year of record highs. Let’s get to it!

SP&500 all-time highs

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During the month of August, the


broke all-time records, and since then, until now, it has continued to grow reaching a new all-time high. concerns about the




Covid19**, caused uncertainty to grow in the markets which, as we have seen, did not affect this stock. This was due to large investments, and interest in healthcare, technology and IT stocks.

The new Omicron variant is also doing its thing in the markets, and many investors are waiting to see what decisions countries make to decide what to do with their investments.

Bitcoin’s big drop and its new all-time high.

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This year has been very positive for cryptocurrencies. In general, many of them have managed to stand out, and thanks to the spread of influencers and media, cryptocurrencies have been one of the most popular topics this year. Most notable has been the trajectory of BTC, which after its huge and large drop that started at the end of May, rebounded again reaching its all-time high with a value of



Gamestop putting the stock market in check


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video game chain

you have made history. Not only because it has been an icon of American culture since the


but also because it has been the protagonist of one of the biggest market events in recent years.

This when began a popular stock buying app,

Robin Hood

, limited the amount of shares you could buy from this company. Many users denounced this as an abusive market manipulation practice that favored large investment funds that traded short, betting on the company’s falling value.

These users created a subreddit where they organized to buy Gamestop shares with the intention of raising its value and thus teach the wolves of Wall Street a lesson.

All in all, this year has been a good year for well-made investments (just the way we like them). Traders with good training and experience have been able to benefit greatly from the events of this year, and for this we want to thank you for choosing us to accompany you in this adventure called trading.


Channel Trader

We hope that your 2022 has been a good year, and we wish you a much better 2022.

**Happy New Year!

Trade channel.

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