6 Trading Situations that DO NOT Allow You to Be Profitable

⚠️⚠️ There are thoughts that don’t allow you to be profitable with your decisions. Know them to avoid them!

What situations in trading do not allow you to be profitable?

It is important that you know them, especially to be able to avoid them or find a solution

Those who think they know what the price will do

This is a very common and frequent error.

I always give the same example, think that each of you has 10 dollars and I have 10,000 million dollars. Who is going to take the money from whom? What happen? that you are going to behave emotionally, when the price is rising is when you are going to buy the vast majority and that is when I am going to give you compensation and I am going to take your money and I am going to continue selling so that the price goes down and you lose everything

The only advantage you have is that there are so many of you and I can’t go for all of them at once, so that’s where you have an opportunity.

If you work with probabilities and with adequate risk management, you will be profitable, otherwise it is impossible. ¡think about probabilities!

consistency principle

A very common mistake is to position against the price because a large volume appears.

You do not stop looking for longs in the bear market, this is like wanting to position yourself in front of a train that is coming against you, hoping that it will stop, turn around and go where you want.

What you have to do is make an effort to avoid that situation, to do the right thing, therefore, when you are with your trading operations, take the right habits to be profitable.

the day of madness

It’s that day when it doesn’t matter if you’re winning or losing and you can’t stop until you lose a lot and you’re emotionally devastated

This is specifically called “the hijacking of the cerebral amygdala” It is not that you are a gambler but that in certain situations you are going to react in a certain way and although you are somewhat emotionally aware it is very difficult to get out of that situation

In the end, what do you have to do when you practice trading, dedicate little time but quality. The more time we dedicate to it and the more tired you are, the easier it is for us to get carried away by emotions and have a crazy day.

You think you’re going to lose and you lose

This is called “self-fulfilling prophecy” Think that you are going to lose and that day you lose even if you have been winning in trading for 6 months.

The solution? I made up my mind to stop showering. A similar inspection happens when you are driving and the car leaves, if you look at the tree you hit the tree, you have to look at the hole where you want to go through and you will go through there.

Where we put the focus, is what we are going to achieve!!

We all have a genotype in our personality and it allows you to know how you are and depending on how you are you will take advantage of that for your trading.

It’s never enough

You are not able to stop, you need to go for more because your goal is very high.

there is a law called “the law of small numbers” which is that the fewer deviations there are in what we have to achieve, the easier it will be to control it.

Here we have then, something that is controllable VS luck. You try either to hit a ball to get it all at once or to get it little by little until you get a great result.


We all have limitations and we must avoid them. Surely you have to achieve your goals without having to deal with those limitations, simply by redirecting yourself.

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the nose, well that happens with your trading plan, which everyone has until a trade goes wrong and they skip it.

What you have to do? Learn not to lead to situations where you are going to get out of control with healthy habits.

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