5 Reasons to Start Trading


Who hasn’t heard about the trading profession?

If you have come this far, and you are wondering if being a trader is something for you, we are going to explain the 5 reasons why you can decide to start your career as a trader.

What is trading?

Trading is a profession that deals with the trading of a series of assets. In other words, trading consists of buying and selling a series of assets with a certain value, in order to make a profit. What are these assets? Stocks, cryptocurrencies, stock indexes, commodities and currencies, mainly.

Now that you know what it is, let’s get to the

trading reasons


A large percentage of traders are

owners of their own schedules

and decide how much time they want to dedicate to this profession.

Traders have a

flexible schedule

although when it comes to trading, you must have your mind 100% on doing a good technical analysis of the charts…

According to

Cushman & Wakefield

, traders spend all day trading. Most traders use their free time to study new technologies and ways to make money, learning new tools and practicing on DEMO accounts.

Another advantage of trading is the possibility of

working remotely

. The only thing you will need is a laptop and a good internet connection. So if you are planning to move from city to city every month, trading can be a great companion on your journey.

You can get great rewards.

In the beginning, all traders have to put in a lot of effort. There are many variables that you will have to understand and many tools to know perfectly to risk your money as little as possible. If you work hard and build your luck with constant training, in a few years you can achieve much more than a paycheck.

Traders face to

huge amount of risk

, and also huge rewards. You have to realize that while many people have made millions of dollars from this work, many more have lost their life savings**.

It’s not just anything to be a trader and it’s not for everyone. However, if you are willing to make a little sacrifice and invest time in trading, it is worth it because it can work.

You only need a computer to start your trading career.

Although trading requires a lot of effort, dedication and experience, you don’t need to be a person with a lot of financial resources to get started. You can start your trading career without investing large amounts of money as you only need a computer and an internet connection, free time and a DEMO account that allows you to test without using real money.

It is a profession that is completely open to creativity.

Traders have the possibility to earn money from almost anywhere in the world. For most of them, the fact that it is a profession completely open to the market and opportunities makes it very attractive, and helps them to combine it with the hobbies that make them happy, such as skiing, making a rock album, taking up mountain photography… whatever you have always wanted to do but your job does not allow you to do it.

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