3 Reasons Traders Are Excited About NanoBitcoin Futures

Bitcoin is the first, most popular and beloved cryptocurrency. However, traders know that there are limitations to trading real currency, such as no regulated trading exchange, difficulty selling uncovered, etc.

Now available on NinjaTrader, Nano Bitcoin Futures from Coinbase Derivatives they will offer all the excitement of participating in the Bitcoin market along with the many benefits of futures trading. At 1/100th the size of a Bitcoin, traders gain cost-effective access to the Bitcoin market, including daily trading margins of only $25 per contract, commission-free trades and no market data fees .

Bitcoin nanometer futures make a lot of sense for traders

In recent years, Bitcoin’s volatility has significantly exceeded many other industry benchmarks; including US stocks and real estate, gold, Eurodollar and even oil. (While volatility is synonymous with opportunity, it is also a measure of risk. Nano Bitcoin futures allow retail traders to participate in the excitement of the Bitcoin market but with your assets protected in a regulated environment.

Traders need to be able to capitalize on the opportunities that volatility presents, while managing risk quickly and effectively. Where real currency falls short in these areas, futures succeed. But how ?

  1. Is Bitcoin up or down? Two-way trading opportunities.
    As a futures product, Nano Bitcoin Futures allows you to trade short and long term simply by buying or selling contracts. This is the advantage of futures contracts. Oh, and no daily pattern trading balance requirements, no spike rules, and no short selling restrictions.
  2. Peace of mind.
    Nano Bitcoin Futures is a regulated product that is traded on a regulated exchange with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission keeping a watchful eye. Although you may not know it, you definitely should… Bitcoin, like all crypto- currencies, is not a regulated asset, nor is it traded on a regulated exchange.
  3. Price discovery and transparency : Go ahead and choose the option you prefer:
    Option 1 – Trade a product where all market participants see the same price and quotes.
    Option 2 – Trade a product whose prices and quotes may vary.

For most traders, this is a fairly easy choice. Trading Bitcoin on unregulated crypto exchanges does not provide what is an essential function for a fair market… Price discovery. Centralized and regulated markets provide transparency , the instantaneous dissemination of supply and demand information and prices available simultaneously to all market participants worldwide. As a result, fair and efficient price discovery is achieved when trading Nano Bitcoin and unfortunately not so much when trading Nano Bitcoin.trade with real currency.

Trade nano-bitcoins with NinjaTrader

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