3 extreme cases of loss

3 extreme cases of loss

Trading is not for you. This is the title I had come up with for this video. I think that is not true. It may not be for you or it may be.

What is clear is that trading is not for everyone.

Some because they are not in a good time to learn and operate without any external pressure. This pressure is deadly for anyone. If someone manages to live from trading starting with a situation of unemployment, ruin or urgent need for money; For me he is a superhero.

Others because they do not act with the necessary logic. They would do poorly in almost any business. They enter fully, betting large capitals, without first having been trained, having shown that they are profitable. It is not advisable to start a business without a little trial and trading is a business.

Learn, show your worth and then dedicate yourself to this profession.

I trade in real time in front of my students demonstrating consistency in my results. I refund the amount of the training to Premium students if after a year I end up negative. It is true, in trading nothing works forever. Acting with common sense is the only thing that allows us to survive and live from this activity.

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